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[Chopin Recital (Harkov, Ukraine. 24 February, 2011)]
(...) Then, to the delight of the captivated audience, the artist performed Chopin's Waltzes, Mazurkas and Polonaises. Everyone was enthralled by the beauty of the instrument's tone, the lightness of articulation and the virtuosity in performance. The concert finished with a standing ovation and three fantastic encores.
                                                                                                                                                             - Amelia Gerber
                                                                                                                                                               Muzyka21, 4/2011

[The Second Fryderyk Chopin concert (Kiev, Ukraine. 21 February, 2011)]
The Orchestra (...) perfectly blended in with the soloist and brilliantly succeeded even in Chopin's most refined rubato. in which Joanna Lawrynowicz reached for excellence. Her performance of Chopin, filled with a wide range of inner expressions and a gripping drama, radiated the spirit of romanticism. This brilliant combination of profound lyricism and the soloist's virtuosity in Chopin's renditions received a warm ovation.
                                                                                                                                                               - Amelia Gerber
                                                                                                                                                                 Muzyka21, 4/2011

[Romuald Twardowski Concerto (The Polish Chamber Music Festival 2008)]

And finally, the grand finale of the evening, the Concerto by Romuald Twardowski. The composition that has been forgotten over the years, was written during his study in Vilnius. (…) A great amount of the pianist's virtuosity, wide cords and rapid scale passage (…) The composition is developed in a coherent and dynamic way. All those features are brilliantly emphasized by Joanna Ławrynowicz, so no wonder that it is to her that the composer dedicated his Concerto.

- Maciej Łukasz Gołębiowski
Ruch Muzyczny, 2 / 2009

[Henryk Melcer Concertos]
The latest Joanna Ławrynowicz's recording of Melcer's "Concertos" is a splendid rendition, endearing in each note. And it is all due to the perfect communication between the soloist, the conductor and orchestra .The music is highly sublime and its atmosphere is filled with a spirit of Polishness. Joanna Ławrynowicz's technical approach to the Concertos is brilliant. Her rendition is strong, determined and deeply emotional and her attempts to catch the Polish spirit and '' the Polish music of the heart'' were highly successful . The solo sections are filled with dynamics and nice sound and by dialoguing and collaborating with the orchestra, she sets a fantastic example of how to cooperate and find the best artistic solutions .

- Arkadiusz Jędrasik
Nasz Dziennik, 234 / 2008

[Chopin Recital CD]
The music of Chopin, performed by Joanna Ławrynowicz seems to float from the bottom of her heart and it provides an incredibly powerful force of appeal. As a matter of fact, Chopin is a big challenge to his performers today because the true art of Chopin playing belongs to the canon that has been created by the most acclaimed artists including Czerny-Stefańska, Rubinstein, Pollini, Argerich, Zimerman, etc. Joanna Ławrynowicz gains the upper hand over the best . (...) Her recording is mature and highly attractive . The Mazurkas and Nocturnes are fresh, pleasingly light and melodious, and what is worth noting, they lack the spirit of extravagance which is so typical of many young artists. The Polonaises, which really express the Polish spirit, are excellently performed and filled with a sense of flair and dignity . Chopin's Rondo, Scherzo as well as his lesser-known Variations are brilliant in their narrative construction and they sound really beautiful. Each nuance and each theme are carefully worked up in this magnificently organized rendition. The artist's performance is seasoned with a wide range of melodious nuances and her rubato legato sounds really exquisite .The piano does sing under Ławrynowicz's fingers and it has a beautiful voice. (...) The pianist's performance is extremely accurate . The form of each composition, enriched by a wide variety of shades and nuances, is sophisticated and elegant in its simplicity.

- Arkadiusz Jędrasik
Nasz Dziennik 222 / 2008

[Henryk Melcer's Concertos]
As a performer of Henryk Melcer's Concertos, Joanna Ławrynowicz has reached for excellence and perfection. It is of rare occurrence today to be able to listen to such a mature and sensitive pianist, blessed with great proficiency and highly appreciated for lightness and elegance in her technique , melodious and expressive cantilena along with beautiful and particularly luscious forte.(...) With its unique warmth, romantic touch, naturalness and narrative flair, the rendition we have heard is really captivating and highly emotional. What a fantastic revival of Melcer's scores, which although covered with dust are still valuable.

- Kazimierz Rozbicki,
Dziennik Koszaliński 224 / 2007

[The First Piano Concerto by Romuald Twardowski]
(…) As a matter of fact, (The First Piano Concerto, The Białystok Philharmonic, 14 December 2007 ) was our one-of-a-kind-pearl , which is fairly unique in Polish tradition . I daresay it's been worth waiting 50 years for the Polish premiere of that great masterpiece , particularly thanks to the highest level of perfection achieved by Joanna Ławrynowicz, the performer to whom the Concerto was dedicated.

- Cz. Rogutko
Muzyka21 nr 1, 2008r.

[Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto (Lengerich, Germany 20 April 2007)]
(...) towards the end of the concert, nobody remained seated. In appreciation of her fantastic performance, the audience gave Joanna Ławrynowicz a standing ovation. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto in A Major was the first composition performed in the Gempt Hall . The artist impressed the audience with her technical virtuosity and subtle interpretation. In the stagelight, with her fingers floating above the keyboard, wearing a full-length , lace-back violet dress, the artist remained sitting with no sign of effort or fatigue, whereas the audience, particularly those sitting on the left, were being made to shudder. (...)

- Lengeriche Zeitung
4 April 2007

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